Date 2/1/64

MARINA OSWALD was interviewed at her place of residence 11611 Farrar Street, Dallas, in the English language

She stated she could not furnish any information as to where Oswald had resided during the period October 19, 1962 to November 2, 1962, when they moved into 602 Elsbeth Street, Dallas, Texas. She stated that prior to living at 602 Elsbeth Street with her husband, She had resided with Mrs. JOHN H. HALL at Fort Worth Texas. On the day she moved into their residence on Elsbeth Street, she spent that day until the night at the residence of Mrs. FRANK HENRY RAY, who lives at 4324 Alta Vista Lane, Dallas. She did not, however, spend the night at the RAY home. She estimated she spent six or eight hours there.

Mrina advised that LEE HARVEY OSWALD had not owned a brown and white pull-over sweater or white gungarees or white canvas shoes.

MARINA was questioned concerning cameras which were owned by LEE HARVEY OSWALD and her. She said that they owned two cameras. One of these cameras was a Russian camera which had been purchased by LEE HARVEY OSWALD at Minsk in September, 1961. This camera had been cheap in price but it was a good camera. This camera was brought by the OSWALDs to the United States when they returned from Russia and was among the effects of the OSWALDs at Dallas on November 22, 1963. Marina said OSWALD had purchased this camera after he had left another camera in a cafe in Minsk and had lost it.

The other camera owned by the Oswalds was a United States made camera whic LEE HARVEY OSWALD had owned prior to his entry into the U.S. Marine Corps and this was the camera which he had taken pictures with when he was in the Marine Corps. When he went to Rusia, Oswald left this camera with his brother ROBERT OSWALD. When Oswald and Marina returned from Russia, ROBERT returned the camera to OSWALD and it was among the effects the OSWALDs had on November 22, 1963.

on 1/29/65 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent RICHARD J. WIEHL and WALLACE E. HEITHAN Date Dictated 1/30/64

MARINA was exhibited a photograph which is item 378 of an inventory list prepared by the FBI which photgraph depicts two cameras. One a "Cuera - 2" and the other a "Realist". She said the cameras depicted in this photograph appear to be the cameras which were ownwd by her and her husband. She said the "Cuera - 2" camera appears to be the Russian camera and the "Realist" appears to be the American made camera.

MARINA stated OSWALD also had a light meter she believes. She said she does not know much about light meters or cameras. She said this light meter had probably been left by LEE HARVEY OSWALD with his brother ROBERT along with the Ralist camera, when OSWALD went to Russia. She does not know what the name of this light meter is.

MARINA traced some of her activities again for tedate November 22-24, 1953. She said on Friday, November 22, 1963, she had spent the night at the house of Mrs. PAINE and that MARGUERITE, the mother of her husband, had also stayed there that night. On the night of November 23, 1963. Saturday, she and her cildren stayed with MARGUERITE OSWALD in a hotel in Dallas. On Sunday night, November 24, 1963, she spent the night at the Inn of Six Flags in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. She recalls that on Saturday, November 23, 1963, in the morning, she went to see LEE HARVEY OSWALD at the Police Sation at Dalllas. She recalled on Sunday morning, November 24, 1963, she went to Chief JESSE CURREY's house in Dallas for a period of one and one-half to two hours for the purpose of changing her children's clothes and to make a telephone call. She said while she was at the CURRY home, she called Mrs. PAINE and asked the latter to bring to the Police Station, Some of her clothes, some baby clothes and bottles, her husband's wedding ring and the wallet with money, which was in the dresser drawer in the room occupied by MARINA OSWALD at the PAINE home. On Monday, November 25, 1963, While she was living in The Inn at Six Flags, a Secret Service man, whose identity she cannot now recall, gave her the wallet with the money. She counted the money and found that it contained $180.00. $170.00 of this money had been saved by her husband LEE HARVEY

OSWALD in New Orleans and Dallas. $10.00 of this money had been given to Mrs. PAINE for MARINA on Saturday November 23, 1963. Mrs. PAINE gave the money to MARINA on that day and MARINA placed it on top of her dresser in the room in which she stayed in the PAINE home. Later Mrs. PAINE put the money in the wallet with the $170.00.

After receiving the $180.00 at The Inn of Six Flags, MARINA OSWALD kept it and it is now spent.