A scan of this document can be found on the Dallas archives website at http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/ Page 1

The following items were recovered in Irving, Texas, at 2515 West 5th Street on November 23, 1963, by Moore, Rose, and Stovall:

Blue suitcase containing:

Sharp shooter medal

1 bag containing some old jewelry

2 watches

1 key

Dog tag

Envelope containing some 35mm negatives

Several miscellaneous Russian books/and literature

1 grey metal box containing miscellaneous Russian literature and some slide negatives

Miscellaneous photographs and maps

Yellow envelope containing miscellaneous pictures and letters

Pamphlet on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee

1 candy box containing pictures. correspondence, and letters

1 notice of attempt to deliver mail, card dated November 20, 1963, to Mr. Lee Oswald, 2515 West 5th, Irving, Texas - a parcel to be picked up.

1 Book on Modern Postage Stamps

Miscellaneous personal papers and work receipts

1 copy of The Worker paper, dated October 20, 1963

Book containing World Atlas

Marine Corp Recruiting Depot Manual, Second Batallion, 2000 Platoon, San Diego, California.

Brown envelope containing hand written manuscripts of Lee Oswald.