March 20, 1996

Mr. David Marwell
assassination Records Review Board
600 E. Street NW 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Marwell,

Enclosed please find the following documents:

        1955 w-2 form for Dolly Shoe Company	72-0464241
        1955 w-2 form for Tujagues		72-0456152
        1955 w-2 form for Tujagues		72-0456152
        1955 w-2 form for Pfisterer Dental Lab	72-0444599

The Internal Revenue Service, by letters (copies enclosed), has confirmed that the Federal Tax identification numbers shown on the w-2 forms for Dolly Shoe and Pfisterers were issued in January, 1964, 8 years after the supposeed creation of the w-2 forms.

Dolly Shoe was founded in January, 1955.
Tujague's was founded in 1948.
Pfisterers was founded in 1907.

Notice how close in number the three Federal Tax identification numbers are. They were obviously issued during the same time period. Because the Tujague number is between #72-0464241 (Dolly Shoe) and #72-0444599 (Pfisterers), the Tujague tax ID number was also issued in January, 1964.

On November 26, 1963 the FBI secured from the Dallas Police all of LHO's possessions along with 5 rolls of film taken by the DPD of LHO's possessions. Photographs of the w-2 documents were included in that film and listed on the FBI property sheets as items #168, 169, and 175. The above mentioned w-2 documents were in possession of the FBI when the Internal Revenue Service issued the above described employer tax identification numbers.

When the FBI developed the 5 rolls of film and returned same to the Dallas Police Department, the DPD noticed that items #164 thru #360 were blank. DPD Chief Jesse Curry notified the FBI by letter (copy enclosed) of these missing items and requested photographs of the missing items. The FBI re-photographed LHO's possession and returned the previously missing photographs to the DPD in February, 1964. Included were photographs of items #168, 169 and 175--the w-2 forms with the newly issued (January, 1964) Federal Tax Identification numbers.

The w-2 forms are abvious forgeries and were created while in the custody and control of the FBI. The reason for the forgeries ?? The Warren Commission tells us that LHO worked at Pfisterers in "the Spring of 1956 prior to joining the Marines. Yet Palmer E. McBride told the FBI (WC #1386) that Lee Oswald was working at the Pfisterer Dental Laboratory in 1957 and 1958--at a time when LHO was supposed to be in the Marines in Japan. Palmer Edwin McBride, currently residing in Sun Valley, CA., clearly remembers LHO. You may want to speak with him.

The Pfisterer 1956 w-2 form was created to show LHO working at Pfisterers in 1956, rather than in 1957-58 (see WC #1386-statement of Palmer McBride). According to Linda Faircloth, current president of Pfisterer Dental Labs in New Orleans, the FBI visited the laboratory on Monday following the assassination. They took all records relative to LHO. A FOIA request to the FBI filed by myself revealed no employment records whatsoever. To this day, there is not one document contained in the Warren Commission volumes or know FBI files to verify the days, months, or even the year that LHO worked at Pfisterers. All we have is the 2956 w-2 form that was created in January, 1964. A request should be made to the FBI for the documents they took from Pfisterers on November 25, 1963.

The Dolly Shoe and Tujague w-2 forms, also created in January, 1964, were created for similar reasons--that being to create an "official story" relating to LHO's whereabouts in 1955-1956. The explanation for the creation of these documents is rather lengthy and I prefer not to discuss the reasons for the creations of these two documents at this time in this letter. I would like you to know that there is not one verifiable record to show the day, month, and even year of his employment at either Dolly or Tujagues. There is one "hand written" payroll record indicating the month and year of his employment at Tujague's. But this record could have been written by anyone. A former employee of Tujague's remembered securing LJO's employment file and turning it over to the FBI. I have personally spoken with numerous employees (former) of these companies who had been interviewed by the FBI. I cannoth find their interviews. Obviously there was manipulation of evidence by the FBI concerning the employment records of LHO in 1955 and 1956. If the original records, secured by the FBI, are still in custody of the FBI, those documents could show his true employment history. I urge the AARB to locate any and all docuements relating to LHO's employment at Tujague's and the Dolly Shoe Company from the FBI.

Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please let me know.


John Armstrong
PO Box 702378
Tulsa, OK 74170


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